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OK this group needs a little shaking up, I come on practically ever day and no one seems to have added new posts, I know I can talk but I have only recently learned that:

A. There are message boards here

B. How to write in them

Come on people lets get our acts together please I am enjoying this site to much to be board.
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April 23 2005, 23:44:12 UTC 12 years ago

This may sound rude, but this is a serious question.

I was talking w/ my girlfriend and gay sex came up between two guys. She said either a guy is a giver or receiver, meaning the guy either takes it inside him, or puts it inside. She was very serious on her answer, but I thought "don't they take turns?".

Now my question, is it common for the guy to be a receiver/giver or for the guy to take turns?

Thank you.
it depends she is quite correct, depening on the guy. some guys prefer to give others prefer to take and then there are those whi are versitle and then they take it in turns